Fantastic farm of great extension with 580 hectares for hunting, with water all year round with enough springs so that its ponds are always supplied,

Perhaps for this reason the livestock that has been there is always free of tuberculosis – brucellosis.

A farm that offers different possibilities of profitability, both for hunting and livestock. Wild boar fences. .

A farm very close to a town with all services, and 1.5 hours from Madrid .

With facilities for livestock, reala for hunting, living room with kitchen for celebrations or meals.


House for employee.

Property Features

  • Livestock facilities
  • Living Place
  • Lounge with kitchen for celebrations or meals.
  • Near to locality
  • Privileged and quiet natural environment
  • Reala for hunting
  • Several ponds
  • Solar plates for Light
  • Water all year round thanks to its springs.
  • Wild boar fences