Finca that is 22 km from Toledo capital, 15 minutes by car. From Madrid there are 92 km by car, by road, hour and fifteen minutes. The Ave arriving in Toledo lasts 25 minutes from Madrid. Surface: 3 Ha, with a separation by a road that makes it divided into two parts, 18,000 square meters of area with facilities and square meters the other area used for oat farming, both fenced perimeter in its entirety. It has electricity from the general electricity network of the population and water from an authorized, magnificent, inexhaustible well that supplies the entire farm. There is another water intake authorized by the hydrographic confederation to carry out but has not been surveyed since with the existing well is more than enough to supply animals and groves. There is a large vertical storage tank or well next to the well with a buoy that makes it fill up to a level as when it goes down the engine is turned on and filled with water in order to preserve the two engines from overwork. that has the well. The water is only 6 meters deep from the surface and has a depth of 8 meters of water that is inexhaustible.

The built area of ​​18,000 square meters has a modern construction of 497 square meters consisting of:   A. House of 75 square meters with two bedrooms, bathroom, large living room with fully equipped kitchen (kitchen, oven, washing machine, dishwasher, etc).   B. Stay at another end of the construction with bar, leather sofas, appliances and bathroom of about 40 square meters.   C. Between zones A and B there is a large ship with 11 large blocks, three portable boxes. Five of them on one side of 20 square meters each, another six blocks of 10 meters   squares on the other side. Ultrasound area and warehouse.   D. Guadarnés of about 6 square meters and area of ​​shower and preparation for horses of about 8 square meters with rubber.   E. Complete bathroom attached and connected to the horse shower with hot water that comes from this bathroom.   The construction is connected to each other from the first house to the other room. The walls are made of 13 cm thick smooth concrete, easy to clean and disinfect with white sandwich panel roofs that make the exterior perfectly insulated and have a very good aesthetics.   The design makes the ventilation of the ship perfect for both summer and winter. The material is of first quality with doors of double sheet of wood, ironwork painted green coachman, access to the trough from the outside, individual automatic troughs.   There is a barn a few meters from the ship to facilitate the distribution of the same and a silo with capacity for 14000 kg of grain. Annex to the hayloft there is a room for tools and tackle.

There is a dunghill tucked underground so that its presence is not observed with access to the back part where it is removed through an accessory door. There is a buried septic tank that collects waste from the bathrooms and kitchen of the house. The legislation in rustic terrain allows the construction of 10% of the surface so that in these 18,000 square meters could be built in addition to the 497 meters already built others 1,303 additional square meters. The whole construction has a sidewalk that borders it in its entirety, with light bulbs in its interior that make the lighting of the entire complex of great aesthetic beauty at night. Outside there is a working track of 41 x 22 square meters of sand, with sprinklers, a circle for working horses of 25 meters in diameter. There are four white fenced pens with electric shepherds, large sheds with white sandwich panel roof matching the main nave, with light, water, manger run, 800 square meters each of the corrals, where they are free mares with their foals. There are 8 work sheds with individual paddocks to independently have each horse or mare, about 30 square meters each, with electric shepherd and wooden fencing as well as two other paddocks of about 200 square meters to release foals in freedom. There is a third fence of about 200 square meters with a paddock with its electric shepherd for its use to have horses in freedom.

What enhances the farm is the large number of trees, plants and hedges that have been planted and carefully care of the most different botanical varieties with automatic irrigation in different areas of the farm and gardener who works to have everything in perfect condition . The main entrance of the building has an automatic slide with a landscaped perimeter area. The situation of the property means that the access is on the same road that joins Ajofrin with Mazarambroz, at Km 2.2. The entrance with lampposts that makes a show the observation of the farm at night.   The remaining 12,000 square meters are used for rainfed cultivation, oats mainly, is collected as oats in the bush giving averages of 4,500 5,000 kg per hectare since we use manure in agricultural work. You can do more paddocks in this area and be able to have more loose animals if you increase the production of them. Water and light has as the built side.   Cost of annual municipal receipt is about 300 euros. Light receipt is about 130 euros monthly average.


Property Features

  • Access at the foot of the road
  • Agua Potable
  • Cercana a Ave
  • Close to the city
  • Living Place
  • Luz eléctrica
  • Perfecto estado de conservación