Union of 4 farms with a total of 212.131m2.

1st Farm – Finca Rustica with a total area of 143.611,02m2 divided into plots of scrubland, meadows, irrigated land and unirrigated fruit trees. It has 146 fig trees. 

On this farm there is a single-family house of 479m2, as well as an industrial warehouse of 412m2.

2nd Farm – Rustic land of 38.500m2 made up of sub-plots of unirrigated olive trees and scrubland.

3rd Farm: Rustic land of 2724m2 of scrubland.

4th Farm: 27.236m2 of rustic land made up of sub-plots of scrubland, meadows and unirrigated olive trees.

In the farm there are a large number of oak trees, some holm oaks, pines, etc.

Facilities-buildings-equipment and others, not mentioned in the deeds:

Stables, two boxes, a tack room, a feed and grain store.

A large stable, which at the same time can be a storehouse, a sand track for roping, a padock for loose horses, a large circular track for riding, a haystack built with rock, a large firewood store, there is a peculiar building on the farm with an adobe bread oven inside, without knowledge of its age, it is in good condition but not its roof, a building that should be maintained, in the plot of new olive trees there is another additional building to an old fig dryer, which is in good condition. 

There is a water reservoir of 1.400.000 litres, the filling of which is regulated by the Sociedad de Regantes, the farm has at least one spring irrigation for irrigation.

Pressure pumps: borehole, pump for watering the lawn, pump for the pressure in the house, for filling the domestic tank, for filling the diesel tank, for filling the swimming pool and the water treatment plant.

Electrical installation, HV line and transformer owned by the farm.

Boiler for oil heating

Two boreholes, a 40,000 litre concrete tank to regulate consumption, a 5,000 litre underground diesel tank, a 5,000 litre water tank for domestic consumption, and a 5,000 litre water tank for domestic consumption. 

The farm has been granted an Equine Centre.

We have voluntarily excluded the farm from the hunting reserve of which it was a part. 

The farm has a swimming pool and tennis court, as well as a woodshed in the house.

Property Features

  • Abundante Agua
  • Buenas vistas
  • Calefacción
  • cuadras de caballos
  • Entorno natural privilegiado y tranquilo
  • Piscina
  • Vivienda